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Remember the good ole days of radio jingles that really made you love a brands product? Didn’t think so.

While some brands such as Old Navy have made it their job to create the most annoying ads known to man just so you remember who they are, it would appear State Farm has decided to follow suit with their radio jingles. The radio ads have been around for quite some time.

One has to ask, “Are annoying brand building ads truly effective?” Unfortunately the answer is yes. Just as when you saw the obnoxious talking Old Navy manikins or obnoxious mini-musical ads, they get stuck in the back of your mind. In State Farm’s case these jingles can either become catchy or the queue for the exact time to change the radio station. Let’s take a peak at some tweets based on the phrase “State Farm radio.”


Positive – Sort of

Missing the Point

One of the radio jingles has a sort of musical Mexican theme, and it really has very little to do with insurance. One may wonder why State Farm has created several segmented jingles that seem to be awkwardly geared towards not genres of music, but rather cultures.


Oddly enough there also appears to be an actual rock song/jingle for State Farm that was created by Weezer. Their continued use of the annoying jingles surely must be a sign that they have been effective for brand building, because why else would you pass on Weezer?
Weezer – State Farm Jingle by aharms

Have you seen or heard a recent ad that sucks? Share it with us in the comments or @playthis and we will feature it.

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  1. Motorman4life (December 21, 2011, 12:58 am). Reply

    OMG, they just played the 3 worst radio commercials.. back to back on KNBR.. The 2 lame State Farm “folk songs” (“Get to a better state..” then “State of Caffeination”), then the really annoying Hyundai holiday song with Pomplamoose.. ugh.  Then they capped it off with the 1-877- Kars for Kids song.  A trifecta of the 3 worst commercials in radio history.

  2. Guest (January 16, 2012, 4:48 am). Reply

    They have a TV commercial running now that is easily 50 times worse. It shows a guy in a little automatic car ride, like one you used to find outside of Wal*Mart stores, with a ridiculously stupid song playing, and it ends with a woman scolding him…

  3. upnorth (January 16, 2012, 7:33 pm). Reply

    hate the newest commercial.. my cat sings better geetz.. hire some talent please! BTW
    this is such a irritating jingle and and cheesy it is a real turn off…  so guess what I will never buy your product.

  4. Song statefarm | Mohamedlovers (July 8, 2012, 3:43 pm). Reply

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