Understanding the Shannon-Weaver Model as it Applies to Twitter


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Understanding how two people communicate is important for any conversation, but if you are using a computer mediated communication method there is even more potential for noise.

With Twitter constantly being adopted throughout the world by both businesses and people, it’s important to understand how CMC can affect a conversation. By understanding the Shannon-Weaver model of communication, you can identify what may negatively affect or create noise when attempting to decode or encode a Tweet. For an introduction to joining Twitter and the language used on the social network, see the first UReddit session.

The following video will cover:

  1. The Shannon-Weaver model of communication
  2. A completely realistic example of when Twitter may have to be used to communicate
  3. The importance of retaining proper English, grammar and punctuation when possible on Twitter
  4. What Computer Mediated Communication is
  5. Some information about finding a job through Twitter
(It looks better in HD, hover over the video and select the gear at the bottom right)

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